More to Books

“There’s More to Books than Reading- how to help your child bring stories to life” follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum sharing books and activities for your child to learn all subjects at home, in your garden (even in the cold and rain) or park. This is the perfect book for Lockdown life. […]

Aisha Bushby

For the last month or so, I’ve been happily (and virtually) working away with Aisha Bushby and 14 other aspiring children’s authors on the Prepare for Submission course run by WriteMentor. I’ve mentioned WriteMentor several times before and I’m delighted to have such inspirational, established authors to look up to and learn from! I have […]

Roald Dahl

There really is #moretobooks when you can become so inspired. I can not deny that Roald Dahl was a massive part of my childhood and one of the authors that has inspired me to become a Children’s writer. As I learnt from Jane Austen when I nipped to Bath a few weekends ago, “If adventures […]

Baths of Bath

Last week, I decided to do a solo trip to Bath. Celts The legend of Bath comes from a Celtic story where Prince Balddud was banished from his kingdom after contracting leprosy. He became a pig farmer and wandered the hills around. Somehow, his pigs also caught leprosy, but after basking in the hot springs […]

Jane Austen

After a long lockdown of no blogs, a little trip to Bath was just what I needed to spark up some inspiration in my quill! Someone else who got lots of inspiration from her time at Bath was Jane Austen. While she only actually lived here for a short time, Bath are so happy she […]

It’s o FISH al. I love playing with words!

So, it’s my Daddy’s birthday today. It also happened to be my nanny kids Dad’s birthday too! Birthdays always mean we get a little crafty. But also, it’s fun to play around with words. We also played around with words and G8 came up with cardfish/codfish! You get it? More to books… Not a joke, […]

The Perfect Shelter by Clare Helen Welsh

As with last weeks blog, some of you may know I’m a huge fan of WriteMentor. After participating in two of their live writing weekends, when an online weekend was on offer, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t let down. I’ve come away with such motivation. I was lucky enough to be taught by […]