Everyone has to start somewhere…

So, after Umming and aaahing about which blog to launch with first, I decided that I wanted to set the scene…

Just to let everyone know what they can expect from More To Books and me.

I am a passionate teacher who loves all things literary. When I transitioned to becoming a nanny, which I adore, other people would ask me how I do this, how I teach that, what books to I use, what websites do I like, and that is how “There’s more to books than reading- how to help your child bring stories to life” was born.

She took 9 months to write and she really is my baby.

There’s More to Books than Reading- how to help your child bring stories to life

When it was published in November 2016, I was invited to Amsterdam to receive an award by my publishers for ‘inspiring creativity within children.’ Which is all I ever set out to do!

Receiving the award in Amsterdam from Raymond Aaron (Nov 16)

My British book launch was in the Paternoster by St Paul’s Cathedral in December 2016 which lead to me being invited to the Author Awards at the BAFTAS, which was an amazing experience.

BAFTAs Author Awards (Dec 16)

In early 2017, I received a letter from Buckingham Palace which lead to me being interviewed by The Nanny Magazine in America. Following that, I was invited to speak at the International Nanny Day in May 2017 by the wonderful Helen McCarthy.

Me with Helen McCarthy. Credit: UK Nanny LTD (May 17)

Then NannyPalooza by the inspirational Sue Downey in November 2017. Then, I was interviewed for the Childcare Magazine in the UK.

Me with Sue Downey at NannyPalooza (Nov 17)

In December 2017, I met the wonderful Emily Kate Rolen of The Nanny Collaborative at the Nanny Ball In New York.

Me with Emily Kate Rolen, Lynne Townsend and Stephanie Sing at the Nanny Ball, New York (Dec 17)

All that time and since then, I have been working full time as a Nanny. For the last two years, I have been working for one private family as a Travel Nanny, seeing the world, teaching privately and doing what I love.

I have continued to write and I am seeking representation for my Children’s books.

(And I’ve trained for three marathons!)

This blog is along the lines of my first book. As I believe whole-heartedly that there is More to Books than reading.

In each blog, it will follow a topic, suggest websites if necessary to craft, activities and printables. It will suggest things to do around that topic. Being a class teacher in deprived areas around Manchester and Oldham for 6 years, I am adamant about making things as cheap as possible or even free.

I am an avid user of the library, even though my Nanny clients have been very wealthy in the last four years.

I also travel a lot with my Nanny Role but also personally. So these will feed into which topics I blog about. At the end of each blog, I will recommend books to support that subject.

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Love Kat x

Published by moretobooks

Award- winning author of the book: “There’s more to books than reading- how to help your child bring stories to life” With a Masters in Education, I have taught as a School teacher across Northern England and have worked as a Nanny/Governess in London and across the world. I support parents and nannies to bring learning into the home in an exciting and purposeful way. Also a speaker at events such as NannyPalooza and the International Nanny Day 2017 and featured in the Nanny Magazine (USA) and Childcare Magazine (UK)

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