Thanks giving

Thanks giving is on Thursday the 28th if November this year. I’m going to make my Nanny children a thanksgiving feast. Does England even sell pumpkin pie? We do baking Thursdays so I might check out a recipe for us to make.

I’m not American but I’ve always loved the friends episodes of Thanksgiving. I love the idea of giving thanks, gratitude is huge at the moment. I even have a gratitude diary which I (am supposed to) fill in for a few minutes in the morning and evening. I mainly use it when I’m feeling down or when a lot of things feel overwhelming and out of my control. But it really does help. Focusing on what (or who- my Nanny children make a regular occurrence) makes you happy and what brings you joy. But also realising all you have can outweigh the things you feel you’re lacking in. They say that your thoughts are on a frequency and whatever you give out, comes back. If it’s true, then I’d much rather get back all that I love than all that is negative.

In my last nanny job, lead by the children, they loved going round the table and everyone saying one thing they were grateful for that day.

G6 writing what she was grateful for!

I put out a call on Facebook for help from American Nannies for activities and books they would recommend. The lovely Hellen Prideaux is a regular on my blog now and without any irony, I’m hugely thankful for her input.

Sending some more love twinkls way! If you’d like your child to learn about the origins or have some comprehension and purposeful learning, head to twinkl and search for Thanksgiving.

More to books…

Just as Bonfire Night is interesting to learn about even if you don’t live in England. I think we should encourage our children to read about traditions around the world.

Spot’s Thanksgiving by Eric Hill (photo credit:

Happy self journal (photo credit:

I have bought this as a Christmas present for my nanny kid. I’m looking forward to journaling together. According to their website, it uses “scientifically  proven methods that promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds.” So after she’s written in it for a few months, I’ll get back to you on what I think! (For ages 6-12- and great for purposeful writing opportunities)

Send me pics of your thanksgiving crafts or celebrations

Fall or Autumn trees by Laura Rideout Schroeder from Charleston, SC.

And turkeys!

Thank you Laura!

And you can even use your feet, like Jaime Satter (Western Springs, Ilinois) has with her nanny child.

Keeping with the theme of feet, pumpkin pie by Jessica Elizabeth Levering from Columbus, OH!

Thank you to Maria D Johnson (Cincinnati,Ohio) for this lollipop craft!

These next crafts are by Courtney Katich with her two nanny families in Michigan.

I love the leaf wreath! There really is more to books than reading as you can also use them as a leaf press!

“that was fun to make. We got to pick leaves outside on a walk and then press them overnight with books!” Courtney Katich

“For those parents tired of footprints”

Fall trees by the Nks of Bonnie Logan from Fidalgo Island, WA!

A huge thank you to all the nannies who have contributed to this blog from America (and England)

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