Milton the Mighty by Emma Read

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a Write Mentor online weekend. After attending to in-person weekends and getting so much out of them, when I saw this, I thought why not! It’s not like I had plans to go anywhere, or do anything, or meet anyone!

I wasn’t sure what it would be like but I’m pleased to let you know, it was AWESOME.

Emma Read

One of the tutors was Emma Read, author of Milton the Mighty. I learnt so much from her and was motivated to write a lot. I came away brimming with ideas.

As with Alexandra Sheppard (author of Oh My Gods)

and Emily Critchley (author of Notes on my Family)

Both of whom presented two amazing weekends earlier this year, I interviewed Emma Read for this weeks blog.

Milton the Mighty- the teeniest superhero by Emma Read

How did your book come about?

I was mulling over how the media is changing the way young people view celebrity. These days anyone can become famous, not by being an actor, a singer or a sports star, but simply by accident. It got me thinking about finding unwanted fame, like publicly shamed dogs in fancy dress on YouTube, or humiliated local cats on missing posters. Then I remembered the unfairly vilified spiders in the tabloids and I thought maybe I would like to tell their story. I wrote the first book in the series – Milton the Mighty, while my youngest was still at home so it took a while. I was fortunate that it caught the eye of the junior judges at the Bath Children’s Novel Award and was shortlisted for that prestigious award. It was there I met my soon to be editors from Chicken House Books.

What do you think the readers learn from your book?

I’d love to help ‘spider worriers’ begin to overcome their fear and become ‘spider warriors’ – and have fun at the same time! But as well as talking about facing fears and promoting a love of wildlife, Milton is also a series about tolerance, friendship and courage – no matter your size. I hope readers will see how to find their inner strength and begin to believe in themselves, even if they find the world overwhelming.
Milton the Megastar develops those ideas further and shows children how important our environment is and how they can help protect it. It also shows children how varied families can be, and whatever makes up a family, we are stronger together.

If you’d like to follow Emma Read on Social media, here are her handles.

Twitter: @emmydee73
Instagram: ediereadie
Facebook: emmareadauthor
youtube: Emma Read

Milton the Megastar- the teeniest superhero by Emma Read

Thank you so much to Emma for sharing her journey with us. I’m looking forward to receiving my signed copy in the post which I will share as soon as it’s arrived!

If you have this book already, please post a pic of your little one with the book below.

Love Kat x

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