Bees and bugs and butterflies (and birds and bears)

I am so happy that Kew Gardens is open again. It was amazing to be outside all day with my Nanny Kid, G8.

As a nanny who started out in Kew, I know the Gardens like the back of my hand. (We used to go weekly) There is so much to explore and I love sharing it all with each of the children from my families that I care for.

Chalkboard with a welcome sign on
The Hive

All the way round, G8 was telling me she wanted to go to the hexagon that she remembered seeing on a school trip several years earlier. I was mixed up with the Tree top walk as that’s a little like a hexagon, but she was so happy when we found this. She is actually obsessed with bees at the moment because she plays a game on Roblox called Bee Swarm Simulator. It was so quiet that we actually got to be in the Hive on our own. G8 twirled around, we did some dancing. It was so wonderful to just be. (Bee, get it?)

There’s more to books…

Love bees by Vanessa Amaral- Rogers

I think it’s important to encourage the next generation to help bees. Bees are so important to nature and if you want to show them the Bee Movie also is quite good at showing what would happen if bees didn’t do their important job.

We saw so many butterflies!
Can you see the camouflaged butterfly? It just looks like a leaf!!!!

I love taking children to the bear in the woods, it’s just by Queen Charlottes Cottage. Sadly, the badger set was closed due to Covid but we got to see so many things in nature it didn’t matter, plus, it’s a wonderful reason to return as soon as things are more open!

We made a nest for a GIANT bird!

Absolutely not my idea! G8 loves gathering sticks and other natural objects to create things. We tried to write More to Books with little dead blossoms on the tree top walk but the wind blew it away before we had finished. It actually made us laugh a lot!

Here is another one she made on a social distance play date with friends last week.

My G8 knows not to pick flowers. She has to use things that are already on the ground. The way I explain it is if you like something, and pick it, then it will die, but if you love something, you let it stay and grow! (Although I said that to g3 in my last nanny job and she said “well, I only like this flower, I don’t love it!”

But also, it’s about instilling the ability to think of others. If everyone picked one flower from Kew Gardens, there would be none left!

Look at this “beast”! The conservatories were open and had a one way system in place. The iguana said hello, G8 was convinced it was not real but we could see his tummy rise and fall from breathing.

More to books…

But excuse me that is my book by Lauren Child (photo credit:

I know this title doesn’t look like a big book but Lola love the book “Beetles, bugs and butterflies”

Why not encourage your children to read books on all sorts of beetles, bugs and butterflies? Or any mini beast they love?

Show me pictures of your little ones enjoying nature!

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