Aisha Bushby

For the last month or so, I’ve been happily (and virtually) working away with Aisha Bushby and 14 other aspiring children’s authors on the Prepare for Submission course run by WriteMentor.

I’ve mentioned WriteMentor several times before and I’m delighted to have such inspirational, established authors to look up to and learn from!

I have been lucky enough to interview several authors linked to WriteMentor.

So the blog this week is with the amazing Aisha Bushby…

Aisha Bushby

How did your book/s come about?

Whenever I approach a new story, I always start by thinking about what sort of themes I want to explore. So far it’s been grief (A POCKETFUL OF STARS), anger (MOONCHILD: VOYAGE OF THE LOST AND FOUND), and emotions in general (MOONCHILD 2). I then spend some time thinking about what sort of setting and story I want/need to explore these themes in an entertaining way. I’m finding myself leaning towards magic and fantasy more as I go along.

Moon child: Voyage of the Lost and Found by Aisha Bushby, illustrated by Rachel Dean

What do you think the readers learn from your book/s?

I would hope they learn a little about the themes I’ve chosen to explore, or at least, start thinking about those sorts of things! I’d love my books to start conversations, and introduce different ways of thinking and being.

A pocketful if Stars by Aisha Bushby

Tell us a little about your journey?

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of four winners in a short story competition aimed at BAME writers in 2017. My short story was featured in a collection called A CHANGE IS GONNA COME, published by Stripes. Since then I’ve been working on novels with Egmont. I’m just about to finish editing my third book with them, and then swiftly moving onto my fourth!

If you are interested in following Aisha on Twitter or Instagram, she is @aishabushby

As you all know, I believe that there’s #moretobooks than reading, and I agree with Aisha that they are a great tool for starting conversations. It is so important to support our little ones with feelings grief and anger.

Love Kat x

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