Merry Christmas my lovelies. If you’re lucky enough to be with loved ones this Christmas, give them an extra squeeze and a little hug from me too. (Only if they are in your bubble, obviously)

I’m stuck in tier four on my own and genuinely have started talking to the spiders in my house, they are both called Bob.

So here is a gingerbread blog about Christmas, and how to make it educational, if you want to.

Ginger bread house

So, because food shops are allowed to be open, if you can get yourself down to IKEA, they have sets to fill a little time. They also sell a decor-kit and baking glue making the process a lot easier. Morrison’s usually do snowmen/Christmas tree sets complete with coloured icing and sweets.

Decor-kit from IKEA

Or of course, you could make your own gingerbread. Encourage your child to look at the recipe book. Reading different forms of writing is in the National Curriculum and no matter the age they can enjoy Recipe Books. For our youngest learners, they can look at the pictures, maybe identify some letters and sounds and as they get older, maybe they can identify some words or short phrases. For our oldest learners can follow the instructions for themselves.

For the baking, you can also differentiate it accordingly. I would measure out the ingredients for our littlest learners in bowls and put them in the order they need to go in, or tell them which is next, up to supporting them to measure for themselves. All children can be part of the baking process, even if it’s practising cracking an egg or talking about the changes that happen when you mix two or more ingredients. It’s a great time to explore describing words/adjectives with them.

And it also helps to add sounds/spellings to make learning memorable, perhaps use words relating to Christmas

When decorating the gingerbread, you can also relate it to learning patterns and colours or just let them run wild with creativity!

More to books…

I was always told when teacher training not to re-invent the wheel. So when researching for books about gingerbread house books I came across a lovely little website

So please enjoy!

Show me your gingerbread creations

Love Kat x

Laiq (aged 4) Rochdale, making ginger bread from scratch at a cooking class

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