Beano at Kew Gardens

If you go down to the gardens today, you’re in for a big surprise. There are no bears, but Beano is having a birthday party.

I do feel like there’s more to books than reading, but there is also more to reading than books. The National Curriculum states that children should read a wide variety of reading material, so recipe books, newspapers, leaflets, websites and COMICS!


I also find that comic magazines and annuals support our children who are reluctant readers.

I even like books with no words as the child can use their own vocabulary to tell you what is happening. These types of books/magazines can help your child develop an imagination which helps in small world play.

Onomatopoeia! Don’t forget your exclamation marks!

Encourage word play and design by drawing the “sound” words as how they might look, like the word ‘pop’ in a balloon (with a pin nearby) or ‘crash’ with a dust cloud around. Here is where clip art comes in handy if they are on the computer.

Joke books are also a wonderful form of reading, not only does it give us a giggle, it reinforces when to use question marks and the child can learn the “question” words: did, when, where, what, how, why, do etc
I love playing with words.
Science- mirrors

If you do get to go to Kew Gardens, there is a trail of lots of fun things to see and do.

This is not Beano, but might get your little ones excited to do some purposeful screen time with their own toys, a Malaysian photographer has used forced perspective to make it look like he is interacting with his superhero miniature figures.

Alternatively, let them set up their toys, take a picture and print them for your children to add their speech bubbles to to make their own personalised comic book.

It’s also easier for some children to write in speech bubbles than in long paragraphs so use it as a writing opportunity. They still need capital letters, sentence structure and punctuation.

Head to the Beano website for lots of fun and games.

Beano magazines are available on subscription to land on your doorstep or you can get digital copies.

What comics or magazines did you read when you were little?

Show us your little one’s with their favourite magazine!

Love Kat x

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