Banned books

I’d seen that a celebration of banned books was coming up in the diary and thought, oh, the books won’t be relevant to children. How naive I was!

Books have been banned for all sorts of reasons.

James and the giant peach

The giant peach

I was really surprised to see that James and the Giant Peach was on the list so I delved a little deeper. Apparently it was partly banned because of sexual connotations…in which the spider licked her lips…among other things such as being too scary, promoting disobedience etc


Harry Potter

Harry’s reaction to the books being banned!

I do vaguely remember Harry Potter being talked about being banned when I was a teen, reading them myself. I find it odd and saddening that it’s possible to censor what we have access to read in this day and age. It was mainly about the witchcraft which was deemed satanic and devil worshipping!

Harry Potter

Sadly, there are a lot of others that are also banned. I think we should celebrate by reading them all now!

The good news is my book has never been banned! Head to and click on the Amazon link!

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What do you think about the banning of books?

Love Kat x

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  1. I find the attempts to ban books frightening. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another person what they cannot read. Of course, any book that gets challenged gets publicity and publicity leads to brisk book sales. So the very thing the people wanting to ban a book don’t want to happen ends up happening due to the publicity they’ve given the book. Book banning is a dangerous things. It sends a chill through my whole body.

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