The Mexiglish Girl by Natalia Simons

The Mexiglish Girl by Natalia Simons

As you know, I believe that there is More to Books than Reading. After being in Italy, I have been reminiscing about how I used to use children’s books to help me learn a new language. Well your books do that in one with Spanish!

We loved the blog learning all about your inspiration behind The Spanglish Girl. Tell us about your new book: The Mexiglish Girl!

The book is about a little girl with a great talent, she can speak two languages! On her visit to Mexico she learns all about the food, culture and traditions but struggles to remember some Spanish words when put on the spot. Her grandma shares some advice that helps Gloria find her confidence when she’s invited to a piñata party.

Other than the Spanish language, what do you think your readers learn from your book?

There are so many things the readers can learn about as the story touches on many themes. They can learn about the day of the dead, how it’s normal for children to not like spicy food as the flavours can be intense, it’s ok to be different and to understand it’s better to be kind to one another than make fun for each other, learn to pause and take deep breaths when times get tough, and to feel empowered for speaking two languages. In addition, I want readers to be reminded of their grandmother and how special a grandmother and granddaughter/son relationship is.

Inside The Mexiglish Girl

I believe that books bring stories to life. I’d love to know more about your story as an author, we know how your story began; from Spanglish girl to Mexiglish girl, what is next for Natalia Simons?

Natalia Simons with her new book in a bookshop in Brighton!

I decided to be a children’s author because there aren’t many bilingual books for kids that make them feel empowered for speaking a second language. It would have really come in handy when I was growing up. In June, I decided to open my own publishing house called Bilingo Books for the sole purpose of publishing my books. I’m in the process of publishing an ABC Spain alphabet book for those learning Spanish at beginners level, as well a French book which are similar themes to my first 2 books. I’m going to write as many bilingual children’s books as possible and in as many languages as I can. It’s a long process but I know I will eventually get there. I’m also planning on being a bilingual coach for children.

Bilingual Books

Buy her new book here

I love following Natalia on Instagram, and watching her story as an author. You can see how her story unfolds too:

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I can’t wait to read about her new books when they come out.

Love Kat x

If you want to read Natalia Simons first interview on The Spanglish girl, head to

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