Wizzy’s Words

Networking is an amazing thing. Jacqueline and I met through Instagram and our love of supporting children to learn.

What is Wizzy’s Words?

A fun rhyming book for sharing with children from 0 to 5 and beyond

   A book for developing reading readiness

   A book based on children’s language development data

A book for keeping in the toy box


How did Wizzy’s Words come about?

Wizzy’s Words came about due to the fact that as an early year’s teacher, I observed too many children not being able to access reading and therefore the curriculum.  This is captured in the words of one six-year-old that I met along the way.

‘I’m always in trouble because I can’t read and write my sentences’. A quick chat revealed that like too many children, this six-year-old was unable to construct or read simple sentences because they did not have the oral language to do so. They had not developed reading readiness.

Most of us can recognize how ‘There is more to books than reading’ and there is ‘More to reading than books.’ Looking at picture books is fun for children. However, if that child cannot then move on and comprehend the words in that book the world essentially becomes a closed book for that child.

On completing this literature review:



A literature review addressing the question:

Is the importance of language development from birth being overlooked?

Jacqueline E. Alexander

AND after a 15-year gestation period!

It was time to put my money where my mouth was…

Wizzy’s Words was born!

What do you think children learn from Wizzy’s Words?

Firstly, readers will learn to understand the importance of early language learning.

Parents, grandparents, carers, nannies, educators… will learn that by sharing the contents of Wizzy’s Words with their children, before school entry, that their children will enter school with the key oral vocabulary that underpins educational and life-long success.

Readers of Wizzy’s Words will learn that it is a book of 70 modern nursery rhymes for today. Some of the rhymes follow traditional tunes, others follow a rhythmic pattern. The focus is on the creative delivery of the spoken word.

Head to: www.wizzyswords.co.uk for frequently asked questions (click on interview tab) and free downloadable sample rhymes and to listen to the audiobook sampler

Head straight to: 

http://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/young-children/wizzys-words for orders and publisher information

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