Vancouver, Canada

As with last weeks blog on Bears, this week is also inspired by the trip to Canada!

We took a trip to Granville Island and we found the most amazing toy shop. And I just had to go in the Humpty Dumpty Books and Music section. Some of the books in this blog are from here. If am at a book shop, I always skim through the books and note down if I think they are good enough to mention and research further. I usually buy at-least one book every trip, I tend to gift it to my Nanny Children as a souvenir. A good tip is to YouTube a book title. There is usually always someone who has done a book reading video. But you can’t beat a real life book.

Humpty Dumpty Books and Music


Alison Harris and I on kayaks in Vancouver

Vancouver is by the sea but the land makes a huge inlet which was great for kayaking. I only had a single paddle and when motorboat sped past, I ended up turning 360 degrees. It actually made me laugh.

Check out your local lake to see if you can go boating with your older nanny children.

Totem poles

Totem poles in Stanley Park

We went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine, all around the waterfront. We saw totem poles which were made by aboriginal and indigenous people of North America.

Check out this website for some awesome facts on Totem Poles for kids!

Why not make your own mini Totem Poles with kitchen rolls or loo rolls?

When I was a teacher, I used to use for inspiration. There’s a template on there but use your imagination, look up some real life totem poles, create an animal for each member of the family and stack them. Don’t forget to use lots of colour!

More to books…

Great for phonics but also finding things in Canada. They also have a 123 of Canada for learning numbers, this book is for your younger readers.

ABC of Canada by Per-Henrik Gürth, illustrated by Kim Bellafontaine

Goodnight Vancouver by David J Adams and Anne Rosen
This is a series, my children also have Goodnight Michigan, it’s a great one to learn about different locations around a city that you’re interested in.

I am Canada-A celebration by 13 Canadian Illustrators

This is an absolutely beautifully illustrated book with each scene done in a different technique by a different Canadian Illustrator. My favourite one is the sledging scene. Definitely lots to talk about on each page, for learners of all ages!

Why I love British Columbia. Illustrated by Daniel Howarth.

What I loved about this book was it was literally written by children!

M is for Maple by Mike Ulmer and illustrated by Melanie Rose (Photo credit-

This is a brilliant one for phonics like the ABC Canada book but for older children. Also check out Anne of Green Gables books with your older ones, as she is the A in this book. (And for adults, Anne with an E is an excellent box set!)

Mike Ulmer also wrote C is for Canada.

D is for drum- the Native American alphabet written by Debbie and Michael Shoulders, illustrated by Irving Toddy (Photo credit-

This is a great book, also for the older ones, which goes into detail about all things Native American.

There are many many many more amazing books that I found through research. If you’re interested in Native American books, do get in touch and I will be happy to share, or maybe I’ll do a follow up blog in the future.

Write an ABC of where you live!

Send pics of you boating with your children.

Show me your Totem Poles!

Lorelei, Salem, USA (aged 5) on a boating trip in Alaska!

You definitely need a snack when boating. Elsie, London (aged 4- now 9)

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  1. As a child i was fascinated by everything Native American.
    I love this post. Cannot wait to make some Totem Poles with Elsie.
    Thanks Kat!


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