When I was in Canada, my friend and I took a road trip to Portland. Mainly to go to the first Vegan Mini Mall which will be in another blog- lots of books from an amazing author/illustrator who is very passionate about veganism.

But for today’s, it’s inspired by Portland.


Alison Harris and I at Voodoo donuts!
Lots of donuts at Voodoo donuts (even vegan ones)

When I told my friends that I was having a Road trip to Portland, literally everyone said I should check out Voodoo donuts! And what an experience- 24/7 donuts! And all sorts of flavours and toppings!

I’ve decorated biscuits and even cupcakes, but never donuts!

Why not buy a pack of donuts and decorate them yourselves? Be as creative as you can! They put sweets and biscuits on their icing!

More to books…

There is literally a book for any topic…

Norman the slug with a funny shell by Sue Hendra (Photo credit by amazon.co.uk)

This is a lovely book where Norman loves snails and tries on lots of different items as a “shell”.

Please Mr Panda by Steve Antony (Photo credit: Amazon.co.uk)

Children’s museum

To get to the Children’s museum, we took the trams which are really easy to use. The station you need to get off at is in a “mountain” and you have to take a lift for what feels like forever. It was interesting. Luckily, I’m over my childhood fear of lift doors. When I was little and we were in Madeira. I ran into a hotel lift and the doors shut on me. Years later, I went up the Empire States building with two friends. One was claustrophobic and the other was afraid of heights. And with my fear of lift doors, we must have looked like a comedy sketch!

I got to drive a train. (Pretend to drive a train!) Did you know the first female train driver in England was Karen Harrison in 1977! I have been researching for a book I’ve written for the Suffragettes and women’s empowerment. I’m currently seeking representation.

For all things trains, check out my blog on the Water and Steam museum for ideas on books.


There was also a garden maze at the museum.

A maze, can you guess where it is!? (Photo credit: yorkmaze.com)

I went to York University and went to York maize maze (I love saying that) often. One Halloween we went in the dark and they had live actors scaring us. Maybe don’t take your really young children to that!

But see if there is a maze close to you. It’s so fun getting lost. I have been to Hampton court maze with so many Nanny Children.

More to books…

Paddington Bear and the Marmalade Maze by Michael Bond (Photo credit: historicroyalpalaces.com)

I love Paddington Bear always but here he gets lost with Mr Gruber in Hampton Court Maze!

And to show there really is more to books than reading, I’m sharing a book of mazes!

These are amazing for children’s fine motor skills and are super fun to do. I’ve taught (now) G6 to put a x when she goes wrong and go back. It’s brilliant for logic, patience and problem solving. She’s taken to asking me to draw mazes for her. I’ll take some pics when I’m back at work on Wednesday. She even draws them for me too!

The Usborne big maze book by Kirsteen Robson (Photo credit: books.google.com)

Photo credit- Alison Harris (in fact all photos with me in them on this trip were taken by her 😀)

We had an awesome time!

Show me your own made up maze drawings.

Send me a photo of you and your littles ones conquering a hedge or maize maze!

Show me your decorated donuts!

Love Kat x

Lorelei, Salem, USA (aged 5) with a decorated donut!

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Award- winning author of the book: “There’s more to books than reading- how to help your child bring stories to life” With a Masters in Education, I have taught as a School teacher across Northern England and have worked as a Nanny/Governess in London and across the world. I support parents and nannies to bring learning into the home in an exciting and purposeful way. Also a speaker at events such as NannyPalooza and the International Nanny Day 2017 and featured in the Nanny Magazine (USA) and Childcare Magazine (UK)

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