Pinocchio, Collodi

This is my third year of nannying in Tuscany for the summer.

In Collodi, in Italy, there is Pinocchio Park!

It is a great little park with lots to explore.

Along a walkway, there are sculptures to see and interact with.

There is a maze. See last weeks blog on books for Mazes!

There are two mini ‘Go Ape’ like adventures that your children can go on as well, with a zip line across a river!

Puppet show

They also have a puppet show, albeit it being in Italian, my nanny children still got the grasp of the story from the visuals. Just be warned if you do go here, it’s all in the trees so be sure to spray with insect repellent or you’ll be eaten alive!

Watching the Puppet show inspired (then) G5 to put on her own puppet show with little Pinocchios we had bought.

Why not put on your own puppet show. Make your own “theatre” out of a cardboard box or just use a fancy material like we did!

And don’t worry about not having your own Pinocchio! You can make a split pin one!

I really love Twinkl, it has resources for literally any topic. This download should be free, but think about signing up, when I was a teacher, a few of us would chip in and all have the log in details so maybe ask other parents or nanny friends if they want to join too!

Recently, I’ve been using it to print of pictures for G3’s phonics homework. It has activities for different sounds and pictures to go with it. I usually cut the pictures out and she colours and sticks them. She absolutely loves it.

There are all sorts of different kinds of puppets. Pinocchio is a string puppet. When I worked on a nursery they used to have two big bird string puppets and they’d constantly need untangling.

Shadow puppets are easy to do with your hands, or draw a character and stick it on a pencil.

Hand puppets or finger puppets could be a great DT project. Or buy some and put on a show.


There is a huge whale sculpture in the park, you have to cross stepping stones and then he sprays water out his spout. The children LOVE it.

More to books…

The snail and the whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Photo credit:


Across the road from Pinocchio park is some Gardens with a Butterfly house in it. Check out my blog from Spring to see ideas for life cycles!

More to books…

Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (Photo credit:


As in other blogs, I always send a postcard with questions about a new place to my last Nanny Children. I don’t know about you, but I loved receiving post when I was little. Plus, it supports their reading. Why not let them write postcards while you’re away, even if you just go somewhere not far? It’s brilliant practice.

More to books…

Pinocchio by Usborne based on a book By Carlo Collodi, illustrated by Mauro Evangalista.

I like this book because it has a CD to go with it. Useful to listen to on car journeys or even better, to listen to and follow the words at the same time.

This book is for independent readers, so they can enjoy it on their own.

Pinocchio illustrated by Giuseppe Di Lernia

This is for a younger audience.

The Story of Pinocchio illustrated by Mauro Evangelista

This one is illustrated by the same person as the Usborne one and I love her style but with slightly different wording. One to read to your little ones rather than them read it alone.

Show me pictures of your puppets!

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