I’m not actually vegan, but with more and more of my beautiful friends turning vegan, I do support them when we are together by eating vegan or even cooking vegan when they come to visit.

In my personal life, I do eat meat at work or out at restaurants but when cooking for myself, I would describe myself, if I have to be pigeon holed, as pescatarian.

Time and time again, it has been proven that a plant based diet is the healthier option.

I do try to eat less meat and even fish, and I believe in food that’s as unprocessed as possible and I love fresh fruit and veg.

While in Portland, my friend Aly, took me to the first ever vegan mini mall. We ate some delicious food and shopped in a gorgeous little shop where she bought vegan shoes and I bought what I love the most, BOOKS!

(We didn’t eat either of them)

Whether you are vegan or not, I think opening the conversation with our little ones is what is important. After all, they are the future, and if there is anything we can do to support sustainability of our amazing planet and all be a little healthier, I’m in!

More to books…

Ruby Roth is the leading author and illustrator on all things vegan.

V is For Vegan by Ruby Roth

This book is for our younger learners and uses the alphabet to tell you more about veganism.

That’s why we don’t eat animals by Ruby Roth

There is some hard hitting information in this book and the one below. Definitely read through and decide whether your children are ready to hear it. But essentially, I think using books to open conversations giving our children the choice to decide for themselves is important.

Vegan is love by Ruby Roth
The help yourself cookbook for kids by Ruby Roth

Absolutely loved this book and gifted it to my Nanny Children. My souvenirs to my girls are always books, or some kind of activity that we can learn from! We have used this several times. They love pink cous cous and the banana and peanut butter . It’s so bright and set out in an original way that my G6 would look at it daily.

They also enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, avo toast and pizzas from the book. They were very intrigued by the colourful drinks.

Show me pictures of your little ones enjoying a meat free meal!

Love Kat x

I connected with Lorena Jane Docker on Nanny Chat who is a Nanny in London, she is planning to do Meat- free Mondays and Try it Tuesdays to support her Nanny children to eat less meat and try new things.

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Award- winning author of the book: “There’s more to books than reading- how to help your child bring stories to life” With a Masters in Education, I have taught as a School teacher across Northern England and have worked as a Nanny/Governess in London and across the world. I support parents and nannies to bring learning into the home in an exciting and purposeful way. Also a speaker at events such as NannyPalooza and the International Nanny Day 2017 and featured in the Nanny Magazine (USA) and Childcare Magazine (UK)

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