African Animals

I finally went to see the new Lion King. At first, it was slow and felt more like a wildlife documentary (which I do love, but there’s a time and a place)

What I loved about the movie was the introduction of so many more African Animals, and how it showed children how they move, what their patterns are really like, in some cases of the lion and warthog as well as the rhino, especially, it showed the baby and the adult.

Also, for any adults who watch The Apprentice, that was in Cape Town, South Africa last week.

There are some amazing African Folklore books that tell you how animals became the way they are today. All written by Andrea Florens and illustrated by Claire Norden.


For activities about elephants, please follow the link to my previous blog-


There are penguins in Boulders Beach in South Africa. I spoke to my new child I look after and she didn’t realise that some penguins live in hot climates. This is a lovely book about an egg on top of Table Mountain, and when it hatches, the penguin goes in search of other penguins and meets African animals on the way down the mountain.

I climbed Table Mountain on Easter Sunday in 2018!

In this book, the Rhino is not very nice to the other animals so in the watering hole, the other animals get their own back. While I think the premise is good for talking about verbal bullying, I think the other animals go about it in the wrong way…I like this book because of the medicine man in the village that helps the animals. It could help to introduce looking at other cultures and comparing and contrasting like in Understanding the World, the world aka Geography higher up the school. This book can help with animal rights! The chief wants a beautiful leopard coat, like Cruella wanting a Dalmatian. It could introduce how fur was once widely used and debate other issues about animal welfare, take a look at my blog on Veganism for more books to help you with that.

I went on a safari on Easter 2018 and I am so grateful that I got to see animals in their natural habitat. I am feeling sad about animals when they are not in their natural habitat but at the same time, I also know of zoo keepers love the animals they care for and zoos that research and support animals to not go extinct, so I guess that’s a debate you may start with your children.

I do believe children learn more through experience, so reading, watching and visiting animals will help them learn more, be more curious and ask more questions.

Send some pictures of activities you’ve done on African Animals with your children

Laiq, aged 3 (Rochdale) seeing elephants at the zoo!

Laiq as a baby (Rochdale) dressing up as an elephant!

Thank you to Hellen Prideaux (an awesome nanny) for the following ideas and photos:

Preparing a Giraffe Jacuzzi

Looking at lions on safari
With the zoo keeper, searching for animal poo

Watching a lion king show!

Also, go to see the West end Lion king if possible, the way they dance to move like the animals is incredible!

Love Kat xx if you’d like more content, follow the link to my website and click on the amazon link for my book or buy the e book on kindle for just £1.99

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