Be Your Own Superhero by Doctor Laura Meek

For this weeks blog, I interviewed Dr Laura Meek about her book “Be Your Own Superhero”

Be Your Own Superhero by Dr Laura Meek, illustrated by James Davies
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I think it is so important to support our children on how to deal with their feelings and emotions in a healthy way.

How did your book come about?

By complete chance and good luck! I was completing an exercise one day about where I saw myself in 5 years’ time and what I would like more of in my life. I had previously written a blog and some articles for the Metro which for me was a hobby, and I realised how much I missed writing. I vowed to make more time for it, and after some brain-storming decided I would focus my writing around my area of expertise- children’s mental health. I wrote a number of articles for Rock My Style, a blog I was already a keen reader of. This was all completely unpaid, but through this I was approached by a book agent who was looking for an author on behalf of Penguin books. At first I couldn’t believe it was for real, but 8 months’ later my book was published and in the shops!

What do children learn from your book?

That they are all heroes in their own way. That difference is to be celebrated, and that they can take control of their feelings and not be ruled by them. I really hope that children feel empowered by my book and learn some tricks to stop unhelpful thoughts or feelings from taking over.

Tell us a little about your journey

For me, writing is something I’ve always enjoyed but never felt confident about. I started a blog when I was on maternity leave with my first child as a way of keeping my brain engaged and I really enjoyed it. I have studied for many years to become a Child Psychiatrist and feel passionate about supporting young people to have good mental health, so combining this with my writing seemed natural.

I’m currently making the final edits to my second book (a mental health guide for primary teachers) so have well and truly caught the writing bug now!

Dr Laura Meek

Thank You, Laura! What I love about this book is that it helps children to feel in control of their emotions to become happier and more confident using fun activities proving that there really is more to books than reading.

To follow Laura, her social media handles here:
Insta: @mindfuldoctoring
Twitter: @drlaurameek

To buy her book, follow the link:

Love Kat x

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