Childcare and Education Expo: Widgit and Persona Doll Training

As some of you may know, I am super excited to be invited to share More to Books in a workshop on the 21st of March at 1.30pm in London Olympia.

Very excited to share my new GINORMOUS banner at the workshop and the books signing!

Also, I have been invited to a book signing at the Nanny Hub by Helen McCarthy and Ria Culley, I can’t wait to see you all there. Come on over to have a chat!

So this weeks blog is guided by Exhibitors at the Childcare and Education Expo at London Olympia.

First up is the lovely Eleanor Barber: Marketing Events Executive at Widgit: I research the event landscape, develop our annual event plan and lead on the delivery of this. I really enjoy working at exhibitions and showing people our amazing programs! Widgit symbols are used worldwide to support people and help them realise their full potential, no matter what their age ability or background.

Eleanor Barber at Widgit

What was your favourite book when you were a child and why?

“My favourite books were “Brambley Hedge” and in particular “The Secret Staircase”.

The Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem (photo credit:

The Brambley Hedge books are magical tales revealing the secret world of mice who live “on the other side of the stream, across the field. If you can find it” and believe me I did look. 

The mice live in a tight knit, loving, friendly community. Food and celebrations feature heavily in Brambley Hedge. The mice work hard collecting fruit, nuts and berries which they use to make delicious foods, jams, preserves and baked goods. These foods are enjoyed at the many celebrations they hold: picnics, parties, balls, feasts and festivals. It was such an uplifting comforting and imaginative world for me to lose myself in. 

Brambley Hedge is an enthralling place where there are mansions built inside trees, secret staircases, palaces, dressing up boxes, storage rooms crammed full of delicious food, roaring fires and Winter balls with ice rinks and feasts, celebrations and surprise picnics with plenty of adventure. 

The descriptions and illustrations are beautiful, and I found it so easy to immerse myself in this enchanting miniature world.”

If you’d like to follow Eleanor, here are her social media handles.

Twitter: @widgit_software

Instagram: @widgitsoftware
Facebook: @widgitsoftware26
LinkedIn: Widgit

Next up is Robb Johnson from Persona Doll Training.

Robb Johnson from Persona Doll Training

As a child, my favourite book was “Little Old Mrs Pepperpot” by Alf Proysen. I was entranced by the idea that she could shrink to the size of a pepperpot, & delighted by her cleverness.

Little Old Mrs Pepperpot by Alf Prøysen (photo credit: world of

As a dad, my favourite book to read to our sons was “Guess How Much I Love You?” by Sam McBratney. I love the way it reads, the way it gives the child in the relationship a real voice, & it says pretty much all I wanted to say to my children.

I worked as a classroom teacher for 35 years, mainly in the wonderful world of Early Years education. Currently I work as a consultant for Persona Doll Training, & also as a songwriter. A book I have written about education “The People’s Republic Of Neverland: the Child vs the State” is due to be published by PM Press this summer.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney (photo credit:

Thank you to both of you for sharing your favourite books.

My most favourite thing about asking everyone what their favourite book was as a child is that I learn about books that I’ve never even heard of.

If you are excited about something, it’s contagious and the children get more motivated. Sharing the love of your favourite books is such a lovely thing to do.

In my book, There’s More to Books than Reading Guess How Much I love you features in the Mathematics- Measures sections!

I was just thinking about Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley. I remember this book so fondly because I lay on my Grandmas bay window for hours on end one holiday devouring this book.

Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley (photocredit:

I was just thinking that my G7 would probably love this book. She is into Captain Underpants at the moment. I believe any book that gets children motivated to read is positive.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey (photocredit by world of

What was your favourite book as a child and why?

Click here to find out more about the Childcare and Education Expo:

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