Valentine’s Day

Love heart made my last Nanny child and I when she was 5. You just roll up strips of card and dip them in PVA. You can dip in glitter too but we opted for a glittery background instead. You can also make flowers this way!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from More to Books. I am declaring my love has always been and will always be for books!

This weeks blogs will share some books like usual but I really wanted to send it over to our lovely nannies and parents to give you ideas of what craft projects we can do just in time for Friday.

If you’d like to have your idea shared on this blog, email me at with your idea and your name. If I share your idea, I will always credit you for your awesome work. Or if we are contacts on social media send a private message. On Twitter I am @KathrynLord912 and Instagram @Moretobooks!

Chocolate Hearts

This year my Nanny children are a bit older, meaning I could teach piping, marbling and let them roll creatively. G13 even did cursive writing in chocolate which really helps fine motor skills and artistic accuracy.

Chocolates and treats
First attempt at piping!

We filled the hearts in so they were less likely to break after being refrigerated.
I taught G7 to melt chocolate safely and marble the milk and white.
We used different materials to make our creations!

Valentine’s Day Crafts from Parents and Nannies

Emily (10 months old) from Canada made a plate making a love heart with her feet

Made by Laiq, 3 from Rochdale
Thank you to Helen McCarthy for your artwork that you do with your nanny children every year.

I love these bears holding a chocolate heart by the Nanny Children of Hellen Prideaux

Jamie Herrell Roman (Nanny in California) shared this gorgeous Valentine’s Day Packed lunch for her Nanny Child on The Nannyhood and gave me permission to share it on the blog, this looks delicious, I want a packed lunch like this!

More to books…

Love from the Crayons my Dre Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers
Guess how much I love you by Sam MCBratney and Anita Jeram
Peter Rabbit I love you by Beatrix Potter

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