Jane Austen

I don’t know what we are looking at!
Jane Austen and I being pensive.
Two writers on the steps of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath!

After a long lockdown of no blogs, a little trip to Bath was just what I needed to spark up some inspiration in my quill!

Someone else who got lots of inspiration from her time at Bath was Jane Austen. While she only actually lived here for a short time, Bath are so happy she did that they even have a Centre for her.

Thank goodness I get to use a laptop to write with now, instead of ink and quill! Why not try and do some writing with your own feathers and paint?

Whether you are a Jane Austen fan or not, you can’t deny that her books have lasted the test of time, with more films set to come out soon!

I especially liked Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but that is not one for our little ones!

More to books…

Fear not though, I bring you the Jane Austen children’s books because there really is #moretobooks than Reading when you have 21 activities to enjoy:

Jane Austen for Kids by Nancy Sanders (photo credit: WHSmith.co.uk)

Or learn about her life:

My first Jane Austen Little People Big dreams (photo credit amazon.co.uk)
Little People Big dreams Jane Austen by Ms Isabel Sánches Vegara, illustrates by Katie Wilson (photo credit: Amazon.co.uk)

Asking in the souvenir and gift shop of the centre, the helpful lady said that they had sold out of childrens but she recommended Little People Big Dreams, I have heard of these! But what I didn’t know, was they have board books for even younger children! Cute! She also directed me to an amazing book shop just around the corner!

Awesomely Austen, Jane Austen’s Emma retold by Katy Birchall and illustrated by Églantine Ceulemans (photo credit by Amazon.co.uk)

Awesomely Austen, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, retold by Katherine Woodfine and illustrated by Églantine Ceulemans (photo credit by Amazon.co.uk)

And if your children get excited by reading about the author, they can even read child friendly versions thanks to Katherine Woodfine and Katy Birchall.

Please excuse me while I get to know Mr Darcy!

Why not have a dress up day, make a fan and practice dances from the Regency era?

Love Kat x

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