Baths of Bath

From the sunny Roman Baths

Last week, I decided to do a solo trip to Bath.

I hadn’t written many blogs it lockdown due to being even more busy working as a Nanny and supporting home schooling, but as Jane Austen said, if adventures don’t befall me, I must seek them elsewhere. Bath isn’t abroad, but I certainly went back in time.


The legend of Bath comes from a Celtic story where Prince Balddud was banished from his kingdom after contracting leprosy. He became a pig farmer and wandered the hills around. Somehow, his pigs also caught leprosy, but after basking in the hot springs of Bath, came out healed! Legend has it that he was welcomed back into his kingdom and started the city of Bath because of the healing powers of the hot springs.

More to books…

The story of Prince Bladud- a tale of Bath by Jane Samson
For that and other stories of the Celts, you can’t beat a good Horrible Histories. Cut-throat Celts by Terry Deary, Illustrated by Martin Brown

Roman Baths

The Roman Baths and the Abbey

As some of you may know, I am redrafting my middle grade manuscript of an adventure in Roman Britain, and for that, I love to get actual facts from historical places which drive my plot.

Little Tales from Aquae Sulis- Life in Roman Bath. G Getty McKeown
Athena- the story of a Goddess by Imogen and Isabel Greenberg

Love Kat x

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