Book Club Buddies

Book Club Buddies

As an avid reader myself, I love inspiring a love of reading in children. After all, it is a pre-requisite for most other learning. So when I found Book Club Buddies on social media, I knew it was something I wanted to share.

Now is the perfect time to ignite a love of reading in children with new formats like Book Club Buddies®, an online interactive book club, which develops a passion for reading in primary school children.

How did Book Club Buddies begin?

Book Club Buddies

Book Club Buddies® was born, through one teacher’s passionate desire to get children reading and discussing books. The aim of the book club is to develop and enhance a love of reading. It has run many successful book clubs, gathering 5 star google reviews and over 80% of children rebooking onto new book clubs.

“This Book Club has been amazing for my 7-year-old son. It’s transformed him from a child who didn’t want to read to one who would rather read than be on an iPad.” Joanne Jarratt

New book clubs for Years 1 and 2

It launched in late 2021 and has chosen many wonderful books for children to read and discuss, featuring great storylines that will make readers laugh out loud, as well as talk about key issues for children from stress and bullying to friendships and family relationships.

What do children learn from Book Club Buddies?

‘Reading for Education’

There are enormous benefits for supporting children to read. The Department for Education paper, ‘Reading for Education’, shows that reading for pleasure has a positive impact on broader learning outcomes, linking the enjoyment of reading to better test results and showing that reading for pleasure is a stronger indicator of academic success than socio-economic background.*

Lizzy Laymond, who is the creator of Book Club Buddies®, explains, “As a teacher and a parent, I know that there is less time available for teachers to dedicate to reading for pleasure in the classroom and parents lead busy lives which can make it difficult to find time to read and discuss books with children at home. In fact, many parents believe they don’t need to read to their children once they can read when in fact it has huge benefits for both.

“Both these factors are resulting in less primary-aged children reading and getting the most out of their books. Book clubs are a fantastic way of providing an opportunity for children to have fun, exploring, discussing and reading books within a small group. It benefits them is so many different ways: socially, mentally and academically. 


“Our book clubs are built around research on reading for pleasure,” continues Lizzy, “we know that talking about reading, creating an environment to celebrate it, and giving children a chance to choose what they want to read all help foster a love of reading.”

“Foster a love of reading”

Ross Montgomery, author of ‘Max and the Millions’, was one of the first books that Book Club Buddies read, says, “I love the sound of Book Club Buddies – I would have absolutely loved an online book club as a child, and the chance to dive into a book and discuss it with other kids.”

Literary legend Michael Rosen said “Book Club Buddies® sounds like a great idea to me. Reading loads of books on all sorts of things, written in all sorts of different ways, is a great way to be in this world. It helps us think, care about others, know about what’s going on, how people tick, and how to have fun. Book Club Buddies® is a terrific route to getting into the world of books. Have a great time.”

Books for April

For more information about Book Club Buddies® visit

and contact Lizzy Laymond, call 07786 076 348 or email

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