Finding Their Feet by Bernie Landels

My books support parents to bring learning to life in the home through books and organising and while they can support young families, as an EYFS teacher working in nurseries, reception and schools as well as private homes, my books are for children aged 2 plus. So when I connected with Bernie, I knew I wanted to share all she does for our little walkers!

How did your book, Finding Their Feet, come about?

Finding Their Feet by Bernie Landels

A lock-down project!  I was going to write about the adult foot as I had been seeing so many issues with my client’s feet – either the feet themselves or problems elsewhere in their bodies caused by their feet. As I researched it became evident that if I was to make any sort of change or impact in society it was by targeting the newest of feet and setting them on a better course for success. There were two things that really impacted the change in my focus – the first was an X-ray of an infants foot (this one here is of a 6 month old) and the other a journal article titled “Children’s footwear: Launching site for adult foot ills” by a podiatrist William Rossi. I knew I had to share all of my knowledge and experience of the human body with parents/carers and anyone working with babies – the caretakers of the newest feet – from womb to walking. I had to find the answers and explain why we should care about feet from day one. 

My book has been described as a ‘parenting book like no other’ and that’s pretty accurate. I read many other parenting books and none really talked about how a baby actually gets up and walks! Something we just take for granted….but the journey to walking is so much more than that and each stage leading up to that joyous moment is important.

What do your readers learn from your book?

Hopefully an understanding of how their baby’s physical development can impact their future. I’ve shared a little bit of relevant anatomy from the brain to the foot so that as I explore and explain movement and milestones they can grasp concepts more clearly. 

Parents are introduced to primitive reflexes – this is an area that I wish I had known more about when my boys (now 19 and 22 years) were little. They both had certain challenges growing up, and things could have been different if I had understood more. 

I can really see dad’s picking up and running with this book, a bit like a Mechanics 101 – your baby! 

It’s full of activities and movements that support healthy natural development and growth, access to online resources and videos via QR codes.

And I talk about shoes – going back to the X-ray – if their feet don’t fully develop until they are teenagers then we should pay attention to what we put on them! 

One huge thing parents can do – right now – is create a ‘SHOE-FREE ZONE’ at home. How they can create an environment that is safe for the toes be exposed! Perhaps that’s where Nannies can help too!

We’ve heard how your story began, what’s next for Bernie Landels?

Bernie Landels

Spreading the word – any way I can. The book is just the tip of the iceberg, with the contents being one part of the puzzle – how children develop. 

I’m excited to be networking with like-minded people and organisations to help and support parents, and help the newest of feet have a healthier and stronger future.

Where can we find more about you?

Other information is available at: along with my bio and book description

My social links are:

Facebook page Finding Their Feet @bernielandels


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