Personalised Books

I love books. You know that already about me!

And some children need a little encouragement to love books. One thing I know for sure; is if they are in the book, they love it more.

So today I will take you on a little tour of books that I have actually bought and personalised.

Get your pet involved

When I was a little girl, I had a white Westie called William.


This first book is about a pet. You can choose dog, cat or rabbit, choosing different types and colours. You can not only name the pet, but you can also name the children. I bought this book for my Nanny Dog, but also put my Nanny Children’s names in it. G6 even read it to her dog!


You can even add a location!


And your child’s name! Or your own name!

Makes it super special. It does cost £19.99, there are discounts if you buy more than one book. Also, there are two to choose from “Adventures in Petlandia” where you can add up to two children or “Roadtrip to Petlandia” where you can add multiple people’s names to make it even more personalised and unique to your family (or nanny family)

Head to to make your own preview.

Personalised and learning

Here’s hoping my brother doesn’t read my blog, as the next one book is what I have got him for Christmas! We used to love Where’s Wally? And our hairdressers would always have a selection for us every time we had our hair cut! Well now, he can find himself! (He’s 35!)

It’s a book for learning too as it goes all around the world but also different time periods! And he can keep it for when he pops out some little sprogs.

Photo credit:

Also £19.99, some people might think it’s a bit steep, but gives a personalised gift of reading, and I think the gift of reading is priceless. It’s far better than some plastic rubbish or clothes where the price is high because of some designers name! But that is just my opinion!

I also got a code to get a workbook for free.

Also, an amazing website of gifts that encourages the love of reading (not just for kids) is Litographs.

Gifts with reading on them

I bought my mum a tote bag with her favourite book on by Diana Gabaldon (who gabbles on and on and on)

They sell T-Shirts, scarves, Totes, blankets, pillows and posters!

And there’s Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, books by Roald Dahl, Wonder, Nancy Drew, The secret Garden…the list is endless.

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I really want the illustration v neck Great Gatsby t- shirt in blue. I’ve mentioned it to my Mum before so here’s hoping she’s reading this and gets it me for Christmas (I think in Large, please and don’t tell my brother what he’s getting)

There’s not just children’s literature!

Go here to see if your favourite book is on:

Show me your personalised gifts for your children

Love Kat x

NB I have bought and loved products from these three sites and I am not being endorsed to share them. I genuinely love the products and how it instils a love of reading.

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