Bonfire Night

Guy FawkesYou wouldn’t want to be Guy Fawkes by Fiona MacDonald and David Amtram (photo credit: For our older learners, I love these sets of books, it’s like a colourful version of Horrible Histories. And that says singed as in burnt by fire, instead of singed, la la la (as it’s not a word) […]

Roald Dahl

As it was Roald Dahl day last Friday, I thought it was only fitting to share my favourite Roald Dahl books and share activities that I’ve done with children over time. Matilda This is my favourite book and film of all time. And the musical is also awesome. (The songs so resonate with me) Obviously […]


I’m not actually vegan, but with more and more of my beautiful friends turning vegan, I do support them when we are together by eating vegan or even cooking vegan when they come to visit. In my personal life, I do eat meat at work or out at restaurants but when cooking for myself, I […]