*special announcement* Creative Steps Magazine

It’s been a nerve-wrecking few months. My book was entered in to the Creative Play 2019 Awards in August of this year. Independent testers have judged my book and I’m so proud to announce that…. *drum roll please* IT WON! Check out my book and the other winners here: http://creativesteps.co.uk/competitions/creative-play-awards/ I found out a couple […]

Bonfire Night

Guy FawkesYou wouldn’t want to be Guy Fawkes by Fiona MacDonald and David Amtram (photo credit: Amazon.co.uk) For our older learners, I love these sets of books, it’s like a colourful version of Horrible Histories. And that says singed as in burnt by fire, instead of singed, la la la (as it’s not a word) […]